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Customer Testimonials

"As the Director of Operations for five Domestic dealerships in the Midwest, I have used GreenPeasNow.com's training and management principles for over 20 years. They are without a doubt, the "BEST in Class" training  that anyone could want to have to help improve people, processes, and most of all profits. They will "walk the walk" and I will always rely on GPN to help me improve!!!”

Ed French, Director of Operations:
Valley Chevrolet, Community Ford, Bloomington
Ford, Community Chrysler, University
Motor Cars.
Bloomington, Indiana


"When we developed our online training library at Coggin/Courtesy for 24 stores across Florida, we reviewed every major Trainer in and out of the automotive industry. While we reviewed Joe Verde, Paul Cummings, Dave Anderson, Grant Cardone, Jim Ziegler and others, our choice for the backbone of the program was the Mar-Kee Group's "Success-One Idea at a Time" program. They stood head and shoulders above the competition for overall content quality, total skill coverage and price value. It is sometimes difficult to quantify the 'bottom line' effect of training investments. We knew that results might be difficult to see at first. But when the group's 'same store' net profits increased an average of 16% after the first year of the program, we knew we had chosen the right group for our training content... The Mar-Kee Group!"

Kerry Newman (Performance Development) 

Coggin/Courtesy Automotive Group


"Our Dealer Group has been looking for six months for a product that could assist in the hiring and recruiting of salespeople. This Car Sales Simulator is the best product we've ever seen." Chris Saraceno, Vice President of Operations, Kelly Management, Florida and Pennsylvania-based dealer group

Chris Saraceno, Vice President of Operations

Kelly Management, Florida and Pennsylvania-based dealer group