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We are now an Authorized Hireology Partner

  • If you a Hireology Dealer, we can now do the work for you in your own dashboard!
  • If you are not a Hireology Dealer, we can either use our dashboard or set you up with Hireology's and discount our services!

One Time Hiring Program

  1. We contract to provide a minimum of 3 salespeople in a 2-3 week program - You pay per salesperson hired!
  2. We place the ads or we use your ads - We professionally screen by phone interviews - We set up interviews based on your schedule - We follow up with all applicants
  3. We provide an on-line training program to measure the motivation of your applicant before he is hired.
  4. We use our HR platform or if you are a Hireology Dealer, we use your platform and provide a discount per salesperson hired

Monthly Program

  1. We provide Professional screening of all of your openings in your dealership
  2. Monthly payment includes - Consistent advertising for Salespeople - Discount when you hire one - credits if we place salespeople elsewhere, if you do not want or need them - Access to the GreenPeasNow.com data base of applicants in your area for individual hiring needs
  3. We work with your Managers to find people! - Provide business cards for soliciting salespeople - email blasts to your customer base

New Programs for 2017:   

  1. Ability to register your new hire to a 90 day "BootCamp" which will help their transition into the auto business.  It will provide them with a 8-10 minute video every day covering everything they need to learn
  2. Ability to register the new applicant for a background check, MVR and set up for drug testing all on our site.
  3. Ability to register your new applicant to a "Managed 90 Day Training and coaching Program"  which is a step above the "BootCamp"

Go to:  http://www.NeedSalesPeopleNow.com   to find out more information or Call 1-630-891-9400