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Why GreenPeasNow.Com?

Now Individual Dealership Hiring Programs available!

More Information at: http://www.NeedSalesPeopleNow.com

It Makes Sense! That's Why!

• A Company designed for Auto Dealers by  Auto Dealer Professionals
• Salesperson Staffing for the 21st Century
• Need 1 Salesperson - Hire 1 Salesperson
• Need More Then One - Hire More Then One
• Never Flood the Floor Again
• Let Your Managers do what they enjoy and are good at - Making Money!

GreenPeasNow.com was designed to tackle the number one problem in most dealerships nationwide - Salespeople. There are many ways to staff your dealership. Most of the time, it is out of necessity that an ad is placed and people are hired.

Even though many dealership Managers are very good at this type of conventional hiring, it is still taking them away from generating gross profit for the dealership. AutoSalesCareer.Com works on the basis of finding, screening, training and placing salespeople applicants in Automobile Dealerships Nationwide through the GreenPeasNow.Com website. The idea is to consistently advertise to bring in qualified applicants and allow them to train at their own pace before getting a job. The Evaluation Test also enhances the quality of the applicants. This will build up an inventory of qualified applicants that will be available immediately for registered Automobile Dealers. In most Dealership cases, more salespeople are hired then needed due to the cost and time involved in the process. Now if you need one salesperson, hire one salesperson. Not only will this simplify the process, but it will cut down on the time to get a new salesperson on the floor. Benefits and Reasons to Do Business With GreenPeasNow.Com:

  1. Consistent advertising on all of the top internet job sites, newspaper ads and radio will produce an excellent pool of candidates.
  2. All applicants will be able to train while still employed saving you the cost of paying your applicants during initial training.
  3. All applicants will be screened regarding drug testing, Motor vehicle record and criminal background check by use of a disclaimer.
  4. All Qualified applicants will be enrolled in the 24/7 on-line video sales training course “Automotive Sales Sucess for Today's Professional” provided by eautotraining.com which is one of the top 4 sales training companies in North America. Click Preview to see example!
  5. Applicant’s personal profile may include a written resume, Car Sales Simulator Results, picture, and will include test results and certification of the sales training course.
  6. No more advertising, interviewing, screening and basic training in house.
  7. No more lost management hours doing the above procedures.
  8. Easy FREE registration to review potential employees. Only pay when you hire an applicant.
  9. Reduced pricing on a contract basis.
  10. Guarantees to the dealership, if the applicant should not work out.
  11. Allows you to slowly get out of the salesperson demo perk.