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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Many have. Click on a question below to see the answer.

  What is my cost for signing up?
A. Nothing! Registering allows you to review the current Applicants on file with no obligation. You are only charged when and if you hire one. You have nothing to lose.

  What are the advantages of using GreenPeasNow.Com?
A. It cuts down on the time to hire a new salesperson from 4 to 6 weeks to days. It takes the finding, screening and training out of the dealership, allowing your Managers to do their jobs, make money. It puts a preset price on the cost of hiring a salesperson. It allows the dealership to hire the right number of salespeople, instead of flooding the floor. Finally, when your salesforce finds out, they can be replaced in a day, productivity will definitely increase. The bottom feeders will either produce or leave.

  What kind of training are the applicants given?
A. They will be trained using state of the art, on-line video, concentrating on the "Road to The Sale". All of the training will be online and available 24/7 and is provided by "The Mar-Kee Group". David Martin of the Mar-Kee Group has been a featured speaker 9 times at the NADA. They will learn the steps from the Greeting to the closing room. Negotiotions will be covered in general, since most dealerships have different systems. They will have to pass tests in order to be certified for hiring.

  How do I hire the applicant?
A. Once you are registered, you will have the availability to see all of the applicants that are available, or select a zip code radius or only applicants that speak a certain language. There will be screening results, resumes and information on each applicant with test results from the on-line training. There will also be contact information for interviewing purposes. Once the applicant has agreed to your job offer, you will then click hire and then done, purchase this applicant and it will lead you to the payment screen. As a Bronze Dealer, you will have no holding capability and hiring is on a first come, first serve basis.

  Can I hold an applicant until I decide to hire them?
A. If you are a Bronze Dealer, it is first come, first serve. Because the applicant has been screened for "Recomendation" and screened regarding drug tests, motor vehicle record and criminal backround and has completed the "Road to the Sale", a confirmation that they want your job offer is all that is necessary. Gold Dealers can hold 4 applicants for 48 hours and Platinum Dealers can hold up to 8 applicants for 48 hours. Gold and Platinum Dealers must agree to hire a minimum amount of applicants and be signed up by a GreenPeasNow.Com Representative.

  Why are there 3 levels of Dealerships?
A. Once you register, you become a Bronze Dealership, which allows you to hire any applicant at a designated price. The Gold Dealerships will make a commitment to hire at least 15 salespeople per year, which will allow them hold privliges and a reduced price. Platinum Dealerships make a commitment to hire at least 30 salespeople per year, which allows them to hold more applicants and get a better price then the Gold Dealer. A Dealership commitment allows us to increase our advertising in certain areas. There will be a limited amount of Gold and Platinum Dealerships in each Metropolitan area.

  What happens if the applicant doesn't work out?
A. If the appicant leaves or is discharged within the first 30 days, the dealership will get a credit for the full amount paid to GreePeasNow.Com. If the credit is not used within 90 days, the money will be refunded.

  What do I have to guarantee the applicant?
A. You have to agree to put the applicant on your regular sales pay plan. We recommend that you pay a guarantee for the first 90 days, but it is not mandatory.

  We have our own in-house hiring and training program, why would we need GreenPeasNow. Com?
A. We are looking for applicants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We allow applicants to train before they are ready to start a job. We offer education, not a job, so we get applicants that want to better themselves instead of unemployed job seekers. Applicants train on our time instead of while on your payroll. This is all we do, so we will strive to do the best job possible. You may also need only one or two applicants and the cost of the process for one or two applicants is extremely high. Finally, we guarantee the applicant will succeed and if they fail it is at our expense, not yours.

  Do you guarantee better applicants?
A. If the applicants are better, that will be a bonus. However, applicants that make a commitment of their valuable time to enter the business, should be better then the applicant that just needs a job. Also, by hiring the exact number of salespeople, your Managers can concentrate on making them better, instead of waiting to see who will survive.

  Are all of the applicants screened and trained?
A. When the applicant registers, he agrees to a disclaimer regarding drug testing, motor vehicle record and criminal background. The applicant will be asked to take the "Car Sales Simulator" which will either recommend or not recommend them for the Auto Business. If they are recommended, they will be offered FREE Training that they can complete before they are hired. When you search, there will be a catagory showing the applicants that have completed training. If you decide to hire someone who has not taken the training yet, they can take the course before they start. This will save you the cost of paying them while they are in training.

  Does GreenPeasNow.Com provide in-dealership services on a contract basis?
A. We are always open to looking at individual Dealership or Dealer Groups that may need in-dealership services and after an initial free consultatation, we will provide a plan for the needs of the Dealership or the Dealer Group. Go to www.jimfisherand associates.com and register for your free consultation.

  If I am a Hireology Dealership, why do we need GreenPeasNow?
A. Hirelogy provides the best automobile dealership HR solution. It provides employment websites and everything regarding hiring is in one place. However, someone has to use the solution and that is where we come in. We handle the processing of the applicants using Hireology's dashboard. We also provide a discount to Hireology Dealerships on our fees.

  Can our individual dealership or dealership group hire your company to provide Salespeople for our Sales Teams?
A. Yes! We are now offering Individual hiring programs for dealership or dealership groups. You can go to: www.NeedSalespeopleNow.com for more information.