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Every day there are over 1 Million people looking for a career in automobile sales in the United States.
GreenPeasNow.Com is committed to finding them for your Dealership!


AutoSalesCareer.Com and GreenPeasNow.Com was created by automobile professionals.

The number one problem a Manager has is the hiring and training of automobile salespeople. Most Managers have to advertise, interview, screen and hire the salespeople while they try to continued to produce gross profit for the dealership. In most stores, that job is left up to one of the Managers or all of the Managers, who in most cases are not professionally trained to handle these functions. We have put together a World Class, On-Line Sales Training Program (eautotraining.com), through The Mar-Kee Group, "The Car Sales Simulator" through Hire the Winners and a state of the art website for applicants to post their information and allow you to contact and eventually hire them.

This inability for a lot of Automobile Dealerships to professionally screen, train and hire salespeople have created a huge problem in some dealerships. First, they go through the process in crisis mode. They need salespeople and need them yesterday. Normally the only people they can hire immediately are the unemployed ones. These applicants are hoping that this business will make them successful and wealthy. More salespeople are hired then needed, since neither the Manager nor the applicant knows who will succeed and who will fail. Training is minimal and “May the Strong Survive” becomes the motto of the Managers. That is why there are so many poor, disinterested salespeople in the automobile business. This gives automobile salespeople a bad name and that is why there is so much salesperson turn over. 

We have found that the applicants, who want to get in the automobile business and are willing to make a commitment in time, excel in this business. That is why AutoSalesCareer.com was developed.  Provide the applicant with access to training before being hired and access to automobile dealerships that need salespeople now. 

Most Dealerships still advertise and hire the same way. They need 3 salespeople and they advertise for 6 salespeople. They interview and screen when they are not busy selling cars and hire the ones that can start on Monday. They didn’t have time to review the stack of resumes they received and many of the good candidates that needed to be convinced and sold on the dealership are never contacted. They start either paid training or unpaid training on the next Monday and in between problems and sales, the applicants get some hands on training and mostly video training. They are then put on the floor and the Managers help the ones they like or think will make it and let the others fend for themselves. The experienced salespeople at the dealership get with the applicants that are a threat to them and fill their heads with negatives, so they will quit. No one has an investment in the applicant, not even the applicant, so who cares who makes it. 

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